Shebbear Oil Syndicate

Shebbear Oil Syndicate has been running since the end of 2010 and we now have around 275 members. Having established our buying strategy and proved that it works we now accept new members from nearby villages.

Our aim is to maximise our buying “clout” with the oil companies and get the best deal possible for members. We place a bulk order once each month and up to now the typical saving has been around 5p per litre on the best individual price – at one point last winter we beat Boilerjuice by 15p!

If you are interested in joining please send an email to giving your name, full postal address and daytime contact number. Please double check all the details before you send – the problems we’ve had with incorrect details have brought me close to shutting the whole thing down!

I’ll reply with an attached Word document explaining how we go about things. If you like what you read, you can then confirm that you’d like to join.

If you don’t have email you can call me on 01409 281252 or visit me in Shebbear Stores, but please bear in mind that I’m often very busy with my day job and sometimes find it hard to spare much time.

Keith Horwell, South View Stores, Shebbear