Low Flows on the Torridge

cartoonfishermanWe are experiencing a very hot dry spell of weather. The weather experts tell us it is the longest, hottest heatwave since 2006. It certainly makes up for the recent run of poor summers, particularly last year. In June and July last year I recorded over 13 inches of rain – this year, in the same period, only 1.5 inches. Whereas last year the river was in flood several times, this summer it is down to its bones now, with literally only a trickle passing under Sheepwash Bridge.

The lack of oxygenated water puts the fish under great stress, and on several rivers in Devon and Cornwall migratory fish (salmon and sea trout) have developed lesions on their heads and backs, followed by fungal infections. In many instances the fish will eventually die. Salmon on the Lyn have been particularly badly affected. Fortunately, there has only been the odd sighting of fish with fungal blotches and in distress on our river.

The Environment Agency want to be kept fully informed of developments, and I am the point of contact for the Torridge. So if you are walking by the river and see a fish in the shallows with fungal blotches on its head and back, please let me know immediately. Please do not touch the fish or attempt to remove it from the river. Many thanks.

Charles Inniss              Tel:  01409231237        Email:  charles.inniss@btinternet.com

August 2013 issue (Fete Special)