The Bridgeland Trust

Sheepwash Bridge

Sheepwash Bridge

The Bridgeland Trust is a charity, registered with the Charity Commission (number 206377), and is governed by nine Trustees.

The Bridge Land Charity Trust was originally established in the late 17th century, to manage the properties that had been given to the parish to provide funds for the upkeep of Sheepwash Bridge. Over time, in the usual way that language changes, it became known as the Bridgeland Trust. If you would like to know about the history of the Bridgeland Trust, click here.

Historically, the Trust always used its surplus funds to help the poorer members of the parish, but with changing economic circumstances and the eradication of extreme poverty, the Trust income was more often used to support more general activities that were judged by the Trustees to benefit the Parish.

Responsibility for maintaining Sheepwash Bridge was taken over by the County Council in 1954, so the Bridgeland Trust was relieved of that cost, and all its income has since then been available for funding other things. In the past, these have included financial gifts at Christmas to all pensioners living in the parish, the organisation of social outings (for example, to the annual pantomime in Holsworthy), contributions to the village shop and the Sheepwash Chronicle, and payments for things to enhance the appearance of the village.

In 2013 the Trust made donations to the village Lunch Club for heated trays, to the Village Hall for some water butts, and paid for compost and plants in public areas, to help improve Sheepwash’s chances in the Best Kept Village competition.

Have you got a “worthy cause” you would like us to support?

The Trust has an annual income from its fixed and financial assets and the Trustees now invite applications from individuals or groups who are members of the Sheepwash Parish who have a “worthy cause” that they would like to be considered for support. These must be activities that bring benefits to significant numbers of people within the Parish.

So, if anybody has any good ideas where the Bridgeland Trust can offer financial support to them for village causes please contact the Trust Administrator, Denise Tubby – phone 01409 231694 or email

Tony Jones, Chair of the Bridgeland Trust